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I lost my second set of car keys a year ago, and I kept meaning to get a copy made . . . any one of these days . . . well, I locked my keys in the ignition this … Read more

- Car Key Pull Out Testimonial

These guys were super great! Totally casual dude, really up front and honest. I overheard him take a prospective client call while he was advising me about a lock replacement at my place. He told the person that he would … Read more

- Lock Replacement Testimonial

Everyone does the idiot thing of locking their keys in the car at some point. For me it was even worse because it wasn’t my vehicle and I didn’t have CAA. I was stuck in the middle of the street … Read more

- Car Lockout Testimonial

The other day I don’t know how it happened but I broke my key in the ignition. So I needed an ignition key replacement. I was in a hurry and called around to see if a locksmith company could help … Read more

- Ignition Key Replacement Testimonial

After getting locked out of my house I needed someone to unlock it. I called these guys to see if this was a residential locksmith service. They assured me it was, and that they were available right away. They suggested I ask the technician … Read more

- Home Lockout Testimonial