Security Tips

Important Tips by Calgary’s Security Experts

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We compiled a comprehensive list of the most relevant tips for you to consider. These security tips are designed to provide basic protection for your home or business:

  • To ward off burglar attempts invest in high quality dead-bolt locks and window latches.
  • Install a high wattage outside light and always leave it on at nights.
  • Hedges provide ideal place to hide. A would be burglar can take advantage of this. Therefore, always keep tall landscaping trimmed.
  • A peephole is the great way to get the idea of who is there at the other side of the door. It is highly recommended to install a peephole with a magnifying lens.
  • Always record the serial numbers of your valuables. Keep a record of every valuable marked and make sure this is stored separately from your valuables. In the event of a break in, this will help the police as well as your insurance adjustor.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your home, keep garage doors locked.
  • Try to avoid leaving a spare key outside, if you must, be creative. Welcome mats, window ledges and flowerpots are not really safe places.
  • If you have to leave your house for an extended period, get a friend or family member to take care of your lawn, and to keep it maintained as if someone is at home. Getting them to collect your mail will also help.

A large variety of security systems like access control systems, burglar alarms and security cameras are available on the market and guarantee top-notch security of your home or workplace.

Home and office automation consists of multiple activated cameras, call notifications, alarms systems, music systems and much, much more. PC software links all to a central hub. You can use this software to control your camera, record activities at certain times and start videos with motion sensors.

If these are the kinds of high security products you are looking for, then it is important to hire a certified locksmith who is able to provide you with a complete range of home and business security equipment. It is also necessary to determine if the service comes with installation, warranty, monitoring, repair and servicing.

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