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Security has always been the priority of the locksmith trade. And, as security has developed from simple locks and keys to far more complex electronic systems, locksmiths have adapted their expertise to include the changes. The locksmith techs we work with provide a wide range of security solutions designed to upgrade the security of your home or business, including master system rekey services. If you are looking for trusted and certified locksmith experts in the Calgary area, contact us 24/7.

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Available 24/7, the locksmiths we cooperate with maintain the highest quality of customer service by employing years of experience and expertise to assist with master key installation and master system rekeys services.

For many businesses, apartment complexes and even homes, security is a matter of selective access. For example, office buildings have many doors leading to single offices, office suites, and in some cases, labs or wings of the building that are meant to have restricted access. Owners, janitors or managers should be able to get into every area of the building. At the same time, each office door must have a different lock allowing access to only those meant to use a specific office space. If a person had to have a key for every room, that could mean carrying hundreds of different keys. Thus, the master key system allows for one key to unlock every door in a building.

Master key systems are based upon the basic tumbler lock mechanisms that professional locksmiths can repair and rekey. The basics of a tumbler lock rely on the pins within. Each pin is really two separate pins: an upper pin, which are all the same length in different locks and a lower pin of varying length, which separates along the shear line between the plug and the housing. Only a key with the right sequence of grooves can effectively line up the upper and lower pins with the shear line. A master key system incorporates pins with three segments, which will allow multiple keys to turn the same lock.

A professional locksmith can prepare a set of locks with a master key system by installing the third pin mechanism. They can also provide master system rekey services by opening the tumblers and inserting new pins for a new key pattern.

The locksmith techs we work with are trained and equipped to help install a master key system into any complex, building or residence. Boasting the proper tools and experience, homeowners can trust these professionals to both preserve security and provide advanced master key systems for easy access. Since master keys require understanding of lock and key mechanisms, only professionals can provide reliable service and maintain high security standards.

Having a master key system installed in your home or office is one of the best ways to enjoy convenience in your security. You can carefully limit access to different individuals while maintaining effective physical security for your property and privacy.

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