Car Lockout Testimonial

Everyone does the idiot thing of locking their keys in the car at some point. For me it was even worse because it wasn’t my vehicle and I didn’t have CAA. I was stuck in the middle of the street at a typical non-descript Software Company when I realized my mistake. Wi-Fi was plentiful and I had my laptop so I searched around for a someone to help and found these guys. A dispatcher answered right away and said a guy would be there within 30 minutes. 40 minutes later he showed up, called me and within 3 minutes had unlocked car door. He knocked $10 off the $110 fee for being late which a minor nice gesture I suppose is. Great auto service! So $100 later and a lessoned learned. Don’t be an idiot, but if you do, these guys will help ease the pain.

Loren Shilds