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The locksmith techs we work with can supply and install a wide variety of door knobs. Whether you want to upgrade the security of your home or business, or create a different look, our locksmith can help.

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Door hardware comes in many different designs and levels of security. Door knobs generally refer to round handled hardware. A traditional door knob has a bolt that runs through it and is located above the cylinder. Turning the knob will pull the cylinder in the direction of the turn and cause the latch to retract. When the handle is not being turned the latch is returned to its protruding state by a spring, preventing the door from opening if the handle is not turned. For more information regarding spring locks versus dead bolts, refer to our section on deadbolts.

Lever operated door handles are popular in commercial settings, as they are easier to open and don’t require as tight of a grip. They are also used when there is not enough space to comfortably turn a handle.

The locksmith techs we work with  carry a wide variety of door hardware with them. They are also able to place custom orders should you require a specific type of handle, finish, or style. So if you are looking to replace, upgrade, or install new hardware, a certified locksmith will ensure you get the correct product for your security.

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