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Deadbolt locks are locks that can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder. This differs from the more common spring bolt lock which uses a spring in order to hold the bolt in place. Spring bolt locks can be forced open fairly easily. This is done by applying force to the bolt itself, causing the spring to retract and thus opening the lock without having a key! Consequently, deadbolts are a more secure form of lock, and offer more resistance to being forced open.

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Deadbolts are comprised of either a single cylinder or a double sided cylinder. A single cylinder has a key on one side of the lock and a thumb turn, or twist knob on the other side. A double cylinder accepts a key on both sides of the lock. This prevents someone from being able to open the door if access is gained by force (ie through a window) to the inside of the door. However, in the case of a double cylinder deadbolt, you must have a key in order to lock or unlock it from the inside. This can be a safety concern if a quick exit is required as the door cannot be opened unless the correct key is inserted. Safety officials recommend in cases of double sided deadbolts to only lock the deadbolt if there are no occupants inside the building and to make sure the key is located near the door.

In addition to single and double cylinder deadbolts, there are also vertical deadbolts which resist jimmying (attempting to pry the bolt out of the door by inserting a pry bar between the door and the jamb), and push button deadbolts. There are mechanical as well as electrical deadbolts, and deadbolts with lockable knobs, where a key is needed on the external side, but a twist knob is used on the internal side.

Given the wide array of deadbolts on the market, it is recommended that you contact a Calgary locksmith technician. A tech we work with will be able to provide you with the correct deadbolt for your security needs as well as complete the installation. They can also repair or re-key existing deadbolts.

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